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Hendra Hadiprana

Hendra Hadiprana, also known as "Oom Henk," is a visionary architect, designer, and art collector passionate about Indonesian Art & Culture. 
Many people call him a genius architect, a master interior designer, an entertainer, an art collector and many more… but he is also a father, and grandfather to many. Never in shortage of teachings, values and etiquettes to pass-on. He is the master who guides people to be a better version of themselves, to be people who celebrates their roots and to be people who gives.

The most important thing for me is how to arrange architecture and interior spaces to not only be place, but also be a work of art. Art that has its individual character. Like art.

It was his character that brought him far. He was highly articulate with his convincing arguments, he had a perfectionist attitude, and he had a good working spirit- which prepared him to launch his architectural bureau (now the highly acclaimed Hadiprana design consultants)

He was firm on his belief that “the most important question to me is hot to offer architecture and interior not as just a place but also as an art that has individual touch,” as he recalled other great architects such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and I.M. Pei. Most importantly, he firmly believes that “enthusiasm must not be defeated by time, though my age is already over eighty.”

He hoped that his enthusiasm would also live on in the artists he nurtured. He aspires that painters, sculptors, ceramists and other craftsmen would never settle on being satisfied with the works they created. He aspires for them to always push forward and improve even when they have booming sales and strong presence in the society. 

It was always his great joy to meet the artists he helped to nurture, to see their growth, and passion in their skills. As the works are also a true reflection of the artists’ intellect, heart and soul. 

He champions heart, soul and intellect to be poured into the artists’ works because a lack of such qualities would be “something like a treachery committed by the artists’ skillful hands to the artists’ own lives.”

“I am truly passionate not only about how architecture and design affects the life of people. but also what I do and I believe in what I do. I always emphasize to young architects and designers what we do for a living is what we are passionate about. Then the line is blurred between what is work and what we enjoy doing. The result is that work becomes “not work” anymore. In my dream- architecture is a way of life, an attitude towards appreciating art and culture. Architecture and art- culture is integral and inseparable.”

Upon completing his Architectural and Interior design studies in the Netherlands, in 1958, Hendra Hadiprana decided to move back to Indonesia. It was uncommon at that time, as many of his peers chose to reside in the Netherlands. But Hendra Hadiprana’s enthusiasm and passion for the Indonesian art and culture became his main motivation. It was then when he established Hadiprana Design (Previously called Grahacipta Hadiprana). 

“Thanks to the Grace of God, in 1958, I founded Hadiprana Design Consultant Firm. Then in 1962, I founded Galeri Hadiprana.” 

In 1975, Mr Nyoto Kusumo approached Oom Henk to build a house with Classic Greek Architecture style. Oom Henk tried to imagine how a classical style would be interpreted in Indonesia- in a way that pays respect to and fits into the Indonesian context. He then found a solution to fuse Indonesian and classical Greek Architecture... sooner or later many others followed and were inspired by Oom Henk’s style. Classical Greek columns in the “Hendra Hadiprana” style were popularized and produced throughout many shops along the road. That was only the beginning of Oom Henk’s history as a trendsetter, as today Hadiprana design consultants remain as one of the key trendsetters in the design world. 

“In principle, every one of my creations is an image of Indonesia,” he said firmly.

The first painting of collection was by Gregorius Sidharta at Hotel Des Indes Jakarta in 1958. It was a painting that he chased after and finally purchased after 4 years.

This ignited his passion towards paintings. His love for the art of painting grew and grew. He nurtured many artists, sponsored them and provide them the ability to have an exhibition. The relationship was friendship based rather than strictly professional.

Hadiprana Gallery was established in 1970, at Jalan Falatehan, South Jakarta.This gem became the sparked the revival of Jakarta’s galeries- which were vacuumed in the 1960s. It was in the Hadiprana Gallery, where Oom Henk realized the harmony and co-dependence between art and interior design. Such as the importance of showcasing fine art in living rooms, and public spaces. This too became a trending approach to design.

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