Hadiprana Gallery would like to introduce Stephan Kotas, a Wet Plate Collodion photographer, as our new art partner. On 19 September 2023, Hadiprana Gallery and Stephan Kotas Studio joined forces to give art lovers another selection of fine art to view, collect and enjoy.

Stephan Kotas, the founder and owner of Stephan Kotas Studio, was and still is the first Wet Plate Collodian photographer who used an almost 200-year-old method to capture the light and turn it into mystical images. With his Camera Obscura and his own chemical processes, he has developed one-of-a-kind photography that has never been done in Indonesia.

Not just the images produced but even each type of available print has its speciality for people to discover. There are five types to choose from:

Tintype is a print of silver plates. This type is the actual image from the Camera Obscura itself. The next one is Banana Paper prints, which are giant prints made out of handmade banana paper. The canvas print is available for those interested in making the image as a painting. There is a photo paper option for photography lovers, and the most luxurious option would be the Platinotype. It is a durable material crafted by mimicking the print process of the first photography in the 1870s.

Starting next month, photography lovers and art collectors can see Stephan Kotas artwork up close and personal at the Hadiprana Gallery. 

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